Yaverbaum, Eric

Leadership secrets of the world's most successful CEOs / Eric Yaverbaum. - New York : Barnes & Noble, c2006. - xviii, 275 p. : 23 cm.

Contents: 1. Gene A. Abbott, CEO, Abbott and Associates, Inc.: A good leader is surrounded by the right people 1 --
2. Daniel P. Amos, CEO, AFLAC: Treat your employees well 3 --
3. William Bonner, President, Agora: Focus on the work itself 7 --
4. Niranjan Ajwani, CEO, Ajwani Group of Companies: For me a great leader is an enabler and a facilitator 9 --
5. David T. McLaughlin, Chairman, American Red Cross: Focus on issues that effect the future of the enterprise 11 --
6. A.J. Wasserstein, CEO, ArchivesOne, Inc.: Never let any relationship go stale or unmanaged 13 --
7. Chip Perry, President and CEO, AutoTrader.com: Challenge the status quo 16 --
8. Roy Vallee, CEO, Avnet, Inc.: Ensure your employees are successful in their careers 20 --
9. Daniel Biederman, President, Bryant Park Restoration Corp./34th Street Partnership: Reexamine conventional wisdom 22 --
10. William H. Goodwin, Jr., CEO, CCA Industries: Make good, simple, honest, and ethical decisions 24 --
11. James M. Anderson, President, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center: Be nimble in pursuing opportunity 26 --
12. Matt Rubel, CEO, Cole Haan: Ask for their best thinking and then really listen 28 --
13. Joseph Deitch, CEO, Commonwealth Financial Network: The primary role of the leader is to do just that-to lead 29 --
14. Sanjay Kumar, Chairman and CEO, Computer Associates International, Inc.: A leader must be able to make change happen 33 --
15. Archie W. Dunham, Chairman, ConocoPhillips: You cannot go everywhere and do everything 36 --
16. William G. Crutchfield, Jr., CEO, Crutchfield Corp.: The fundamental role of a successful leader is to achieve alignment 38 --
17. S. Michael Joseph, CEO, DACOR Distinctive Appliances: Orient your company to a higher purpose 43 --
18. Terdema Ussery, President and CEO, Dallas Mavericks: Translate your vision to everybody in the organization 47 --
19. Salvador Diaz-Verson, President, Diaz-Version Capital Investments, LLC (DVC): Conduct your business with honorable intentions 49 --
20. Mark DiMassimo, CEO, DiMassimo Brand Advertising: Ask questions 52 --
21. Hurley Calister Turner, Jr., Chairman, Dollar General Corporation: Leadership is the art of human relations 54 --
22. David A. Brandon, Chairman and CEO, Domino's Pizza: Listen to the people closest to the customers and the marketplace 56 --
23. Michael Masterson, CEO, Early to Rise: Be an impatient listener! 58 --
24. Stevan Roberts, President, Edith Roman Associates: Show them how to do it and give them credit for it 61 --
25. Ronald C. Kesselman, CEO and Chairman, Elmer's Products, Inc.: Moderate your reactions to both good and bad news 63 --
26. Bruce T. Coleman, CEO, El Salto Advisors: Lead by example 65 --
27. J. Darius Bikoff, Founder and CEO, Energy Brands Inc.: It's all about being passionate and intense 67 --
28. William P. Lauder, COO, Estee Lauder: Clearly state the mission and objective of the company 70 --
29. Massimo Ferragamo, Chairman, Ferragamo USA: Select the best people for every key position 72 --
30. Dorothy Cann Hamilton, Founder and CEO, The French Culinary Institute: Truly believe in the people you work with 74 --
31. Paul G. Garrity, Sr., CEO, Garrity Industries, Inc.: Practice 76 --
32. Michael Fleisher, CEO, Gartner, Inc.: Open, informal communication fosters teamwork and success 78 --
33. John Goodman, CEO, The Goodman Group: Intuition, intelligence, and passion 80 --
34. Ed Nusbaum, Executive Partner and CEO, Grant Thornton: Identify what makes your organization unique 83 --
35. Ray Barton, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Great Clips, Inc.: Create a vision everyone in the organization understands 85 --
36. Tranum Fitzpatrick, CEO, Guilford Capital Corporation (GCI): Lead from the front 88 --
37. Irwin Simon, CEO, Hain Celestial Group: Communicate 91 --
38. Sy Sperling, Founder and President (retired), Hair Club for Men (HCM): Realize your own shortcomings 93 --
39. Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr., Chairman Emeritus, HCA: Surround yourself with good people 95 --
40. Carleton S. Fiorina, CEO, Hewlett-Packard (HP): We have a responsibility to redefine the role of the corporation 97 --
41. Pernille Lopez, President, IKEA North America: Guide people toward the path to achieve great things 100 --
42. William T. Monahan, Chairman and CEO, Imation Corp.: Lead by example 102 --
43. Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, CEO, Infineon Technologies: Dare to be different 104 --
44. Andre L. Lynch, CEO, Ingenium Corporation: Leave room for people to risk and fail 108 --
45. David A. Steinberg, CEO, InPhonic: Listen to people and make them feel like part of a team 109 --
46. Richard A. Goldstein, Chairman and CEO, International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. (IFF): Give people the authority to get things done, and hold them accountable 111 --
47. Charles Feghali, CEO, Interstate Resources, Inc.: Push to get things done 114 --
48. Howard R. Conant, CEO, Interstate Steel: Maintain a high level of integrity 116 --
49. Alexandra Lebenthal, CEO, Lebenthal & Associates: Be a hands-on executive 118 --
50. Roger S. Berkowitz, CEO, Legal Sea Foods, Inc.: Listen to those around you and implement the best 120 --
51. Charles Ayres, CEO, Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking: Mutual agreement of both boundaries and consequences 122 --
52. Leo A. Daly III, FAIA, RIBA, Chairman and President, LEO A DALY Architecture, Planning, Engineering, Interior Design: Positive interdependence 126 --
53. Guerrino De Luca, CEO, Logitech: A sense of humility is the antidote for complacency 130 --
54. C. James Jensen, CEO, Mara Gateway Associates: People make decisions based on feelings, not facts 134 --
55. David B. Snow, Jr., President, Chairman, and CEO, Medco Health Solutions: Identify the noble cause that will drive the business 136 --
56. John E. Rau, CEO, Miami Corp.: Think strategically about what is best for the company 139 --
57. Atwood Collins, III, President, MidAtlantic Division, M & T Bank: Focus fueled by a passion, and commitment to consistently apply it 141 --
58. Judith Harrison Bode, former CEO, Monet: Build a team that is able to meet new challenges 145 --
59. Gary E. Costley, CEO, International Multifoods: Values are the foundation of all great leaders 149 --
60. Marc Maurer, President, National Federation of the Blind (NFB): Articulate and demonstrate an empowering philosophy 151 --
61. Sy Sternberg, Chairman and CEO, New York Life: Don't outsource your strategic thinking 153 --
62. Robert P. Baird, Jr., President and CEO, Norelco Consumer Products, Philips Domestic Appliances North America: Strategic probing 156 --
63. Paul I. Karofsky, Executive Director, Northeastern University Center for Family Business: Be adaptable 161 --
64. Kent Kresa, Chairman and CEO, Northrup Grumman Corp.: Work for those who work for you 163 --
65. Michael D. Drexler, CEO, Optimedia International: Always encourage your staff to stretch 164 --
66. Alberto Aleman Zubieta, Administrator, Panama Canal Authority (ACP): Change constantly 166 --
67. Patty DeDominic, CEO, PDQ Careers: Make new contacts and continue to cultivate the old 169 --
68. Paul LaBrie, CEO, Pilotage: You can never own a customer 171 --
69. Peter A. Benoliel, CEO (retired), Quaker Chemical Corp.: Integrity, honesty, and openness 173 --
70. Len Roberts, Chairman and CEO, RadioShack Corporation: Passion, vision, and trust 175 --
71. Charles Goldstuck, President, RCA Music Group: Make decisions decisively 179 --
72. Bruce Bent II, CEO, Reserve Funds: Find your own way of doing things 182 --
73. Audrey Oswell, President and CEO, Resorts Atlantic City: Be visible 185 --
74. Lloyd G. "Buzz" Waterhouse, CEO, Reynolds and Reynolds: Simplify until it fits on one page 187 --
75. Brent B. Johnson, President and CEO, Ringland-Johnson Construction Co.: Maximize strengths and moderate weaknesses of your employees 189 --
76. Michael W. Wickham, CEO, Roadway Corporation: Hire and care for good quality people within the organization 190 --
77. Harold M. "Max" Messmer, Jr., CEO, Robert Half International, Inc. (RHI): Quickly turn creative ideas into successful business practices 192 --
78. Daniel Rose, Chairman, Rose Associates: Convey a compelling vision 197 --
79. Thomas C. Sullivan, Chairman, RPM International Inc.: Hire the best people you can find 199 --
80. James W. Keyes, President and CEO, 7-Eleven, Inc.: Teach! 203 --
81. Walter M. Higgins, Chairman, President, and CEO, Sierra Pacific Resources: Treat every individual with respect 206 --
82. Adrien Arpel, CEO, Signature Club A, Ltd.: Your passion is communicated to your staff 207 --
83. Stephanie Sonnabend, President, Sonesta International Hotels: Lead people the way they want to be led 210 --
84. Jim Parker, CEO and Vice Chairman, Southwest Airlines: Be a servant leader 213 --
85. Ron Sargent, CEO, Staples: Get your hands dirty 216 --
86. Barry Sternlicht, Chairman and CEO, Starwood Hotles & Resorts Worldwide: Innovate or die! 218 --
87. Marcy Syms, CEO, Syms: Be as close to impartial as you can in making decisions 221 --
88. Higinio Sanchez, CEO, Telvista: Start the day with a smile 223 --
89. Melvin J. Gordon, CEO, Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.: Know where you want the company to go 225 --
90. Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman, President, and CEO, TransAct Technologies, Inc.: Call an "audible." 228 --
91. Steve Belkin, Chairman and CEO, Trans National Group: Value, empower, and appreciate your staff 230 --
92. Elizabeth Elting, CEO, TransPerfect Translations: Have a service orientation 231 --
93. Donald L. Evans, Secretary of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce: Put your trust in other people and they will trust you 232 --
94. Henrietta Holsman Fore, Director, United States Mint: One idea that changes the world 234--
95. Steve Wadsworth, President, Walt Disney Internet Group: There is inherent leadership in the strength of a well-organized team 237--
96. Michael G. Medzigian, CEO, Watermark Capital Partners, LLC: lead by example 241--
97. Peter H. Soderberg, President and CEO, Welch Allyn: A highly interactive, personal approach 245--
98. Tyler Young, CEO, WF Young, Inc.: Constantly initiate change 247--
99. Anne M. Mulcahy, CEO, Xerox Corporation: Get the cow out of the ditch 249--
100. Peter A.J. Gardiner, CEO, Zindart, Ltd: Perform of go 252.


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