On the apostolic tradition /

Stewart, Alistair C.

On the apostolic tradition / Hippolytus ; an English version with introduction and commentary by Alistair Stewart-Sykes. - 2nd ed. - Yonkers, N.Y. : St Vladimir's Seminary Press, c2015. - 278 p. ; 19 cm - St. Vladimir's Seminary Press Popular patristics series, no. 54. .

Includes Bibliography and indexes

Apostolic tradition --
The establishment of a monepiscopate at Rome --
The discovery and identification of Apostolic Tradition --
The title of Apostolic Tradition --
The "authorship" of Apostolic Tradition --
The conclusions to Apostolic Tradition --
The contents and arrangement of Apostolic Tradition --
The scholastic church of the Hippolytean community and its church order --
The text of Apostolic Tradition --
A summary of conclusions --
English version of Apostolic Tradition and commentary --
Appendix : The Hippolytean Homily on the Psalms.
A summary of conclusions.

Apostolic Tradition, as this text is best known, was identified in the early twentieth century as the work of Hippolytus, a Christian leader from third-century Rome. The text provides liturgical information of great antiquity, and as such has been massively influential on liturgical study and reform, especially in Western churches. The second edition of this crucial liturgical document continues Fr Stewart's


Canon law -- Early church, ca. 30-600.
Christian life-- Early works to 1800.
Church history --Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600 -- Sources.

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